November 6 Birthdays

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November 6th, 1989 (November 06 1989)BirthJozy Altidore, American soccer player
November 6th, 1988 (November 06 1988)BirthErik Lund, Swedish football player
November 6th, 1988 (November 06 1988)BirthEmma Stone, American actress
November 6th, 1987 (November 06 1987)BirthAna Ivanovic, Serbian tennis player
November 6th, 1983 (November 06 1983)BirthJanette McBride, Filipino actress
November 6th, 1982 (November 06 1982)BirthSowelu, Japanese pop singer
November 6th, 1981 (November 06 1981)BirthCassie Bernall, American murder victim (died in 1999)
November 6th, 1981 (November 06 1981)BirthLee Dong Wook, South Korean actor
November 6th, 1979 (November 06 1979)BirthLamar Odom, American basketball player
November 6th, 1978 (November 06 1978)BirthSandrine Blancke, Belgian actress
November 6th, 1978 (November 06 1978)BirthDaniella Cicarelli, Brazilian model and television host
November 6th, 1978 (November 06 1978)BirthJolina Magdangal, Filipina singer, actress and television host
November 6th, 1978 (November 06 1978)BirthTaryn Manning, American actress
November 6th, 1978 (November 06 1978)BirthZak Morioka, Brazilian racing driver
November 6th, 1977 (November 06 1977)BirthPatricia Tavares, Portuguese actress
November 6th, 1976 (November 06 1976)BirthMike Herrera, American singer and bassist (MxPx)
November 6th, 1976 (November 06 1976)BirthJodi Martin, Australian singer-songwriter
November 6th, 1976 (November 06 1976)BirthPat Tillman, American football player (died in 2004)
November 6th, 1976 (November 06 1976)BirthCatherine Clark, Canadian journalist (also daughter of former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark)
November 6th, 1975 (November 06 1975)BirthAnastasia Blue, American former pornographic actress
November 6th, 1974 (November 06 1974)BirthFrank Vandenbroucke, Belgian cyclist
November 6th, 1973 (November 06 1973)BirthNell McAndrew, British model
November 6th, 1972 (November 06 1972)BirthGarry Flitcroft, English footballer
November 6th, 1972 (November 06 1972)BirthThandie Newton, English actress
November 6th, 1972 (November 06 1972)BirthRebecca Romijn, American actress
November 6th, 1972 (November 06 1972)BirthDeivi Cruz, American baseball player
November 6th, 1970 (November 06 1970)BirthEthan Hawke, American actor
November 6th, 1968 (November 06 1968)BirthAlfred Williams, American football playerAlfred Ayer Quotes
November 6th, 1968 (November 06 1968)BirthJerry Yang, Chinese American entrepreneur (Yahoo!, Inc.)
November 6th, 1968 (November 06 1968)BirthKelly Rutherford, American actress
November 6th, 1967 (November 06 1967)BirthRebecca Schaeffer, American actress (died in 1989)
November 6th, 1966 (November 06 1966)BirthPaul Gilbert, American guitarist and singer
November 6th, 1966 (November 06 1966)BirthChristian Lorenz, German keyboardist (Rammstein)
November 6th, 1966 (November 06 1966)BirthPeter DeLuise, American actor and director
November 6th, 1964 (November 06 1964)BirthKerry Conran, American filmmaker
November 6th, 1964 (November 06 1964)BirthCorey Glover, American musician (Living Color)
November 6th, 1964 (November 06 1964)BirthGreg Graffin, American singer (Bad Religion)
November 6th, 1963 (November 06 1963)BirthRozz Williams, American musician (Christian Death) (died in 1998)
November 6th, 1962 (November 06 1962)BirthAznil Nawawi, Malaysian host, actor and singer
November 6th, 1961 (November 06 1961)BirthFlorent Pagny, French songwriter and singer
November 6th, 1961 (November 06 1961)BirthKazuhiko Aoki, Japanese game creator
November 6th, 1961 (November 06 1961)BirthCraig Goldy, guitarist for the band Dio
November 6th, 1960 (November 06 1960)BirthMichael Cerveris, American actor
November 6th, 1958 (November 06 1958)BirthTrace Beaulieu, American comic actor best known for his work in Mystery Science Theater 3000
November 6th, 1957 (November 06 1957)BirthKlaus Kleinfeld, German industrialist
November 6th, 1957 (November 06 1957)BirthSiobhan McCarthy, Irish singer and actress
November 6th, 1957 (November 06 1957)BirthLori Singer, American actress
November 6th, 1955 (November 06 1955)BirthMaria Shriver, American journalist
November 6th, 1954 (November 06 1954)BirthCatherine Crier, American television personality
November 6th, 1952 (November 06 1952)BirthMichael Cunningham, American writer
November 6th, 1951 (November 06 1951)BirthPeter Althin, Swedish politician and attorney
November 6th, 1949 (November 06 1949)BirthBrad Davis, American actor (died in 1991)
November 6th, 1949 (November 06 1949)BirthArturo Sandoval, Cuban-born trumpeter
November 6th, 1949 (November 06 1949)BirthJoseph C. Wilson, Vice Chairman of Jarch Capital, LLC
November 6th, 1949 (November 06 1949)BirthNigel Havers, English actor
November 6th, 1948 (November 06 1948)BirthGlenn Frey, American singer (Eagles)
November 6th, 1947 (November 06 1947)BirthJim Rosenthal, English sports presenter
November 6th, 1947 (November 06 1947)BirthGeorge Young, Australian musician (AC/DC)
November 6th, 1946 (November 06 1946)BirthSally Field, American actress
November 6th, 1946 (November 06 1946)BirthFred Penner, Canadian children s entertainer
November 6th, 1940 (November 06 1940)BirthRuth Messinger, Manhattan Borough President and President of the American Jewish World Service
November 6th, 1939 (November 06 1939)BirthMichael Schwerner, American civil rights activist (died in 1964)
November 6th, 1939 (November 06 1939)BirthLeonardo Quisumbing, Filipino Supreme Court jurist
November 6th, 1938 (November 06 1938)BirthMack Jones, American baseball player (died in 2004)
November 6th, 1938 (November 06 1938)BirthJim Pike, American singer (The Lettermen)
November 6th, 1938 (November 06 1938)BirthP.J. Proby, American-born singer and actor
November 6th, 1938 (November 06 1938)BirthDiana E. H. Russell, South African feminist writer and activist
November 6th, 1938 (November 06 1938)BirthDumitru Rusu, Romanian painter
November 6th, 1937 (November 06 1937)BirthJoe Warfield, American actor
November 6th, 1932 (November 06 1932)BirthStonewall Jackson, American country singer
November 6th, 1931 (November 06 1931)BirthPeter Collins, English race car driver (died in 1958)
November 6th, 1931 (November 06 1931)BirthMike Nichols, American film director
November 6th, 1926 (November 06 1926)BirthFrank Carson, Northern Irish comedian
November 6th, 1924 (November 06 1924)BirthJeanette Schmid, Austrian professional whistler, AKA Baroness Lips von Lipstrill (died in 2005)
November 6th, 1921 (November 06 1921)BirthJames Jones, American writer (died in 1977)
November 6th, 1916 (November 06 1916)BirthRay Conniff, American composer and conductor (died in 2002)
November 6th, 1914 (November 06 1914)BirthJonathan Harris, American actor (died in 2002)
November 6th, 1906 (November 06 1906)BirthJames D. Norris, sportsman and businessman (Chicago Black Hawks) (died in 1966)
November 6th, 1893 (November 06 1893)BirthEdsel Ford, president of Ford Motor Company (died in 1943)
November 6th, 1892 (November 06 1892)BirthHarold Ross, American editor (died in 1951)
November 6th, 1887 (November 06 1887)BirthWalter Johnson, American baseball player (died in 1946)
November 6th, 1882 (November 06 1882)BirthThomas Ince, American movie actor, director, producer. (died in 1924)
November 6th, 1880 (November 06 1880)BirthRobert Musil, Austrian novelist (died in 1942)
November 6th, 1880 (November 06 1880)BirthChris van Abkoude, Dutch-American writer and novelist (died in 1959)
November 6th, 1861 (November 06 1861)BirthJames Naismith, Canadian inventor of basketball (died in 1939)James Smith Quotes
November 6th, 1860 (November 06 1860)BirthIgnace Paderewski, Polish pianist, composer, and President of Poland (died in 1941)
November 6th, 1855 (November 06 1855)BirthEzra Seymour Gosney, American philanthropist and eugenicist (died in 1942)
November 6th, 1854 (November 06 1854)BirthJohn Philip Sousa, American composer (died in 1932)
November 6th, 1851 (November 06 1851)BirthCharles Dow, American journalist and economist (d.1902)
November 6th, 1841 (November 06 1841)BirthNelson W. Aldrich, U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (died in 1915)
November 6th, 1841 (November 06 1841)BirthArmand Fallieres, French president (died in 1931)
November 6th, 1833 (November 06 1833)BirthJonas Lie, Norwegian author (died in 1908)
November 6th, 1814 (November 06 1814)BirthAdolphe Sax, Belgian inventor (died in 1894)
November 6th, 1753 (November 06 1753)BirthMikhail Kozlovsky, Russian sculptor (died in 1802)
November 6th, 1753 (November 06 1753)BirthJean-Baptiste Breval, French composer (died in 1823)
November 6th, 1692 (November 06 1692)BirthLouis Racine, French poet (died in 1763)
November 6th, 1661 (November 06 1661)BirthKing Charles II of Spain (died in 1700)
November 6th, 1550 (November 06 1550)BirthKarin Mansdotter, Queen of Sweden (died in 1612)
November 6th, 1494 (November 06 1494)BirthSuleiman the Magnificent, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1566)
November 6th, 1479 (November 06 1479)BirthJoanna I of Castile, queen of Spain (died in 1555)
November 6th, 1391 (November 06 1391)BirthEdmund de Mortimer, 5th Earl of March, English politician (died in 1425)

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